Enzyme Cleaner
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  • FREE SHIPPING!! 4 Huge Gallons Eliminate the Bacteria that causes malodors by digesting it!
  • Cleans and remove Pet Urine Stains! Great for Nursing Homes and Hospitals
  • Great for Carpets, Floors, Car Interiors, RV'S, Mold in Boat Seats, Comercial Kitchens
  • Work in Grease traps, Drains and Urinals, Restaurants, School Buses,
  • Grease Cutter

Product Details

Do you have odor and stain problems? FREE SHIPPING. Great for Pet Urine Cleaning! This concentrated odor digester contains multi-cultured strains of natural enzyme-producing bacteria that is combined with grease cutters and surfactants to clean and ELIMINATE tough odors. It deodorize with it's fresh minty scent! The digestive process of this product immediately overcomes the odor, the enzymatic action of the microorganisms consumes and destroys the source. N-ZYME has the remarkable ability withstand intermittent high temperatures (up to 180 degrees F) and high alkalinity of many cleaning products, bleach, disinfectants and chlorine that inhibits the performance of most common enzyme treatments. N-ZYME is an excellent odor digester that can be sprayed on fabrics, upholstery, carpets or hard surfaces to eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor. N-ZYME eliminates odor from pets waste, urine, bodily fluids and more. FEATURES Eliminates odors Bio-Enzimatic cleaning action High activity enzymes solubilize grease, fats, proteins and starches. Non-acid, non-alkaline, non-corrosive Non-pathogenic An excess of 100 billion microorganisms per gallon APPLICATIONS Floors, Carpets, Vehicle interiors (cars, boats, airplanes, etc.), sinks, dishwashers, urinals, toilets, upholstery, walls, garbage disposals, spot remover FOR USE BY Maintenance crews, Auto Dealerships and Service Shops, Municipalities, Schools, Building Super, Apartment Complexes, Nursing and Retirement Homes, Hotels, Office Buildings, Parks and Recreational Facilities, Animal Shelters, Body Shops, Detailing Companies, Waste Facilities. Warranty & Policies: 14 days return How do I return an item? No Hassles Money Back Guarantee! If Your Not Satisfied; For Any Reason! Simply Send Your Item Back For A Full Refund. Please contact customer service for more information on returning an item call 1-877-648-9288